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Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Dear Readers,

Creating this Blog is dream come true.

Believe me, i wouldn't have, in my wildest dreams, thought to ever find the relatives of the manufacturers i cherish, let alone meeting some of them. Nor to find so many artifacts, articles, magazines, leaflets, patents, archives... and machines. Nor would i have thought i would meet charismatic people out there that i now treasure to be my friends.

I remember very well the day i got told, by someone wiser than me: "I know the answer, but i won't tell you", to which my wife added: "me too". This "smart" remark led to the personal motto of this Blog nearly 2 years ago: I didn't know a thing and was well prepared to tell it to the world. 

My passion for these manufacturers caused many many sleepless nights. Retrospectively, it would be dishonest not to admit that both my interest, my eager and ever growing ability to find information exceed what some might say is the norm. In my defence: Not in a lifetime was i to think there was so much to be found on the subject. It has been a treat, a gift of life: being able to write the Blog one would have wished to find right at the start, that's plain luxury, an amateur's dream.

All things considered though, I am convinced anyone - with a minimum of interest - could have done this research. This is not false modesty. It is so obvious to me that no reliable information was to be found back then, because nobody tried and/or cared. If i can make an advise here to people who wish to research the history of the coffee machine they collect, just dare ask and never look back! There is always a way. It can be done: i am the living proof. You will never regret it. Probably the biggest challenge i have faced was to learn to ignore the insults of a few persons who think they own the monopoly on what they call the "truth". No worries though: The highest you climb the mountain, the less you'll hear the goats baa in the valley. 

I take this occasion today to thank all the cooperative, patient, kind and willing families - Delle Vedove, Sassoon, Simon, Stern, Robbiati & Tarditi -, open-hearted friends, passionate collectors (If i can name two: the legendary Lucio Del Piccolo, and the enthusiast Monsieur "A"), interested local journalists, conscientious museum employees, meticulous patent officers, precise commerce chamber employees, helpful mayors, professional librarians and motivated taxi-drivers for their time and altruism... and all the online auction websites users who, realising  my fascination in their items, sent me extra information, a scan, a photo... all little pieces of information without which i couldn't have quenched my thirst for knowledge, fuelled my curiosity. I am very well aware that the Blog would not have been what it is without every single of the individuals involved.

Love, Peace, Harmony,
& be curious!!!
Mik "Knatterton" Janvier


(Samuel Beckett)

It is better to fail in originality,
than to succeed in imitation.

(Herman Melville)

Száb DELTA Kombináció "Reflektor" Gyartmany 220 Volt - 550 Watt

Hungarian (Szigony + Qualital) Bambi coffee machine + base

Never seen... Didn't even know it existed... call me an "expert" ;-)
(Thanks Gabór for the beautiful pictures)

Giordano Robbiati - Patent n°19043 - Depositato 19 novembre 1940

If you look in "Bolletino der marchi di fabbrica e di commercio 1940",
you will find this:

ROBBIATI Giordano a Milano. - Tt. Listello
di raccordo per modello di fonderia in cuioi o si-
mile. - Dp. 19 novembre 1940                19043

Sunday, 16 June 2019

Fritz Lüdi-Zumstein (1904 - 1981) from Grenchen (Switzerland)

Okay, that Culinor story - if any - gets on my nerves.
No traces anywhere.

Is there - at all - a connection between Fritz Lüdi-Zumstein (see here) and Culinor?

Who was he anyway?

Born in 1904, died on the 12. September 1981.

It looks like he was born as Fritz Lüdi, and the name Zumstein came afterwards.
Probably a marriage with a family member of a business Partner: Adolf Zumstein.

That marriage must have happened betwenn 1944 and 1949 where the name appeared in full.

The following papercut of 1948 is of interest: "Manufacturing of injection Moulding devices"

He registered a very cool trademark: ATMOS

(nothing to do with ATMOSS which is the
Australian Trade Marks Online Search System)

(ATMO are the first 4 letters of another much more interesting trademark, see here)

But then, in 1957, something completely different: Advertising signs...

Any Swiss around here who could help me?

Sunday, 5 May 2019

New Brevetti Robbiati "Atomic espresso" leaflet!!!

My collection of Brevetti Robbiati leaflets:

Genuinely disgraceful...

... or pathetically hilarious but in an artisan manner ;.)

And this from the business "Bon Trading" of Irene Notaras that stopped importing coffee makers from the Robbiati family since - at the latest - 1989!

30 years ago!

Irene Notaras who is not able to provide proof of selling coffee from the early 70s onwards!

50 years ago!

If you don't smile reading the following, then i don't know.

"The section 58 ownership ground of opposition failed.  Robertson J found that the supply of a small, free sample of ground coffee with instructions booklets for the ATOMIC coffee machines was solely to illustrate the grind of coffee required for those machines and not for the purpose of trade in coffee.  However, the sale of coffee in half pound cans by Bon Trading was trade mark use of ATOMIC. However, this was historical use and Ms Notaras did not have any intention to supply ground coffee to consumers between the early 1970s and April 2015."

Read about the trademark registration decision:


For those lost at this point, it is about a café "Atomic Espresso" in South Perth (Australia) involved in coffee trade.

Monday, 1 April 2019

Cafe La Parada, Antigua Guatemala

Buenos dias!!!

Te pido que me envíen fotos de esta fantástica cafetera!

Además, me interesaría saber dónde se construyó y por quién. ¿Tiene una placa? Cualquier información bienvenida.

Millones de gracias de antemano,
por favor use mi dirección de correo electrónico
 que está en el sitio web (stellabanana).

Saludos cordiales desde Viena, Austria,