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Saturday, 12 June 2021

The door of opportunity will stay shut forever... May you rest in Peace Fiorella Robbiati (? - 2021)


It would have been a failure if i didn't try...
... at the end of the day, you enjoyed your right to privacy.

I would so much have liked to get to know you,
and talk about your father.

Ciao Fiorella.

Friday, 11 June 2021

State Library Victoria - Coffee machine from the Sylvester Longo Collection


If you have any information, please do let me know!

And if you want to see it, go to the State Library Victoria link

State Library Victoria

328 Swanston Street

Melbourne 3000


Thursday, 27 May 2021

"Good design in aluminium" - Exhibition curated by Julien Hébert - Ottawa 1956

 „good design in aluminium“

Il National Industrial Design Council di Ottawa , ha organizzato una mostra di oggetti in alluminio di tredici paesi , diretta da Julien Hébert .

L'Italia ha partecipato con una struttura Olivetti di Marcello Nizzoli , con un ventilatore Zerowatt di Ezio Pirali , con una caffettiera elettrica „Atomica“  di Giordano Robbiati , Novate , con forbici dei Fratelli Benetti di Ferrara , e metri Sapa in alluminio anodizzato di Ugo Saldarini, Milano.

Fra i partecipanti degli altri paesi : Lisa Johansson Pape ( Finlandia , lampade ) , Ernest Race ( Inghilterra , sdraio ) , Erik Herlow ( Danimarca , pentole ) , George Nelson ( USA , tavolo ) .


"Good design in aluminum"

The National Industrial Design Council of Ottawa has organized an exhibition of aluminum objects from thirteen countries, directed by Julien Hébert.

Italy participated with an Olivetti structure by Marcello Nizzoli, with a Zerowatt fan by Ezio Pirali, with an "Atomica" electric coffee maker by Giordano Robbiati, Novate, with scissors by the Benetti brothers from Ferrara, and Sapa meters in anodized aluminum by Ugo Saldarini, Milan.

Participants from other countries included: Lisa Johansson Pape (Finland, lamps), Ernest Race (England, deckchair), Erik Herlow (Denmark, pots), George Nelson (USA, table).


A bundle of interesting information here, i just list a few:

_ first proof of the electric "Atomic" of Giordano Robbiati - dating 1956!

_ Proof that Robbiati's design was nationaly and internationaly praised within a few years after his design.

_ Julien Hébert is the guy that brought Design to Canada. A legend.

_ Giordano Robbiati represents Italy among and handful of other design pieces.

_ Among those design pieces: THE Zerowatt of Ezio Pireli and an Olivetti designed by Marcello Nizzoli

_ Internationally in very good company: Lisa Johansson Pape, Ernest Race, Erik Herlow, George Nelson ... The whoswho of 50s design.

_ The exhibition toured in Canada (Ottawa, Vancouver...) and in the USA

_ "Atomica" in Quotation Marks as you would do for a Trade Mark... una caffettiera elettrica "Atomica".

_ It's not a fair, or a commercial event, or advertising in newspapers... it's only about design... and that makes a change.

Friday, 30 April 2021

My life hasn't changed much!


Guess what! It has been five years!

I still do think that if Stella, Sassoon, etc farted once somewhere,
it is worth going there,
having a sniff and
taking a photo.

This is my life.

Looking forward to hear from you Jack!

Saturday, 17 April 2021

If you appreciate the information found on this Blog,
I wanted to give you the possibility to invite me for a cup of coffee.

Saturday, 27 March 2021

To the contributors of this Blog: THANK YOU!

Dear Readers,

Creating this Blog is dream come true.

Believe me, i wouldn't have, in my wildest dreams, thought to ever find the relatives of the manufacturers i cherish, let alone meeting some of them. Nor to find so many artifacts, articles, magazines, leaflets, patents, archives... and machines. Nor would i have thought i would meet charismatic people out there that i now treasure to be my friends.

I remember very well the day i got told, by someone wiser than me: "I know the answer, but i won't tell you", to which my wife added: "me too". This "smart" remark led to the personal motto of this Blog nearly 2 years ago: I didn't know a thing and was well prepared to tell it to the world. 

My passion for these manufacturers caused many many sleepless nights. Retrospectively, it would be dishonest not to admit that both my interest, my eager and ever growing ability to find information exceed what some might say is the norm. In my defence: Not in a lifetime was i to think there was so much to be found on the subject. It has been a treat, a gift of life: being able to write the Blog one would have wished to find right at the start, that's plain luxury, an amateur's dream.

All things considered though, I am convinced anyone - with a minimum of interest - could have done this research. This is not false modesty. It is so obvious to me that no reliable information was to be found back then, because nobody tried and/or cared. If i can make an advise here to people who wish to research the history of the coffee machine they collect, just dare ask and never look back! There is always a way. It can be done: i am the living proof. You will never regret it. Probably the biggest challenge i have faced was to learn to ignore the insults of a few persons who think they own the monopoly on what they call the "truth". No worries though: The highest you climb the mountain, the less you'll hear the goats baa in the valley. 

I take this occasion today to thank all the cooperative, patient, kind and willing families - Delle Vedove, Sassoon, Simon, Stern, Robbiati & Tarditi -, open-hearted friends, passionate collectors (If i can name three: the legendary Lucio Del Piccolo, the enthusiast Monsieur "A", and Sébastien), interested local journalists, conscientious museum employees, meticulous patent officers, precise commerce chamber employees, helpful mayors, professional librarians and motivated taxi-drivers for their time and altruism... and all the online auction websites users who, realising  my fascination in their items, sent me extra information, a scan, a photo... all little pieces of information without which i couldn't have quenched my thirst for knowledge, fuelled my curiosity. I am very well aware that the Blog would not have been what it is without every single of the individuals involved.

Love, Peace, Harmony,
& be curious!!!
Mik "Knatterton" Janvier


(Samuel Beckett)

It is better to fail in originality,
than to succeed in imitation.

(Herman Melville)

Thursday, 18 March 2021

17.01.1968 - it`s arrived!


- The Kiskőrös Vegyes Ktsz. 
became involved in the production 
of coffee machines. 
Prototypes of Atomicpress and
 Elektropress coffee makers
 are already in the cooperative.

Greetings to the Hungarian "poison lovers" - 03.12.1968