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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Electa and the mystery deepens...

I know now 4 different Electas... and all 4 are different!!!

Let's go through some of these differences comparing the Electa of Lucio and mine.
There are quite a few...

The shower head:

The "mystery hole" on the head:
(mine is red)

I know of another Electa with a much wider hole which is uncolored.

The base:

Lucio was probably more used on a stovetop, mine more as an electric machine.
My base has this voltage mark:

The filter holder:
(mine has a flattened spout)

The gender:

Lucio is a female Electa.
Mine is a male.

And this one neither was electric nor had a hole in the head:
(Thanks to Frédérick Nakos for providing me these pictures)

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