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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Is that IT?

(The title is a cautious version of Michael Jackson's "This is it")

I make lists.

Since always.

And of course, hobby-related too:

_ Lists of things to bring to an interview,
_ List of things to bring when visiting archives,
_ List of pictures yet to be taken,
_List of information yet to be shared,
_List of machines yet to be seen

And evolving lists:

_ Information that i haven't, which is dependent on other people.
(which i might or might not ever see)

_ Information that i have to get active to get.

I looked at the latter list lately...
... and realised i reduced it (after 5 years of research!!!) to 5 points.

_ email...
_ send letter to...
_ go to...
_ meet...

I am just about to tick them of, one after another...

Is that IT?

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