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Saturday, 13 December 2014

BREVETTI ROBBIATI USA Resellers / Retailers

1950 - Italy at work exhibition (link here)

"Some of the items are already on sale here, and more are being imported by such leading stores as: 
_ Lord and Taylor and Gimbel Bros. in Manhattan; 
_ Abraham and Straus, Brooklyn; 
_ Stix, Baer and Fuller, St. Louis; 
_ Marshall Field, Chicago; 
_ The Halle Bros., Cleveland; 
_ McCurdy's, Rochester; 
_ The Wm. Hengerer Co., Buffalo;
_ Jackson's, Oakland; Meier and Frank, Portland, etc. "

A Brevetti Robbiati Model A was part of the exhibited items.
By how many "leading stores" was it then sold?

Here is the list of Resellers of Brevetti Robbiati coffee machines i have documented so far:

Altman's, New York City, NY (link here - 1957)
Lord and Taylor, New York City, NY (link here - 1957)
Conte di Savoia Food store, Chicago, Illinois (link here - 1978)
Hammacher Schlemmer, New York City, NY (link here 1979)
Ohori's, Santa Fe, New Mexiko (link here) - 1985
Thomas E. Cara, San Francisco, California (link here)
Fante's, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (link here)
Peet's coffee, San Francisco, California (link here)
Windward Trading Company, San Rafael, California (link here)
Joseph Magnin, San Francisco, California (link here)
Europa Commerce Incorporation, New York City, NY (link here)
Berarducci Brothers, McKeesport, Pennsylvania (link here)


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