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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

"ATOMIC" Tritaghiaccio / Ice Crusher - Brevetti Robbiati - Novate Milanese - 1955

My inner-eye saw in the "Peraluman 3" snippets (here) a potential.

I contacted the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA) where i though the original book might be. A very kind and patient librarian took my concerns very seriously and tried to help in every manner he could. He finally advised me to contact my local library.

Soon after, i wrote an email to my local Library with the link the librarian gently gave me. On the next day, i got impatient... and went there by foot. The friendly librarian there understood my request and forwarded me to the main Viennese Main Library, which will be able to help me. I received after an email confirming just that from the very supportive head librarian.

The Viennese Main Library was very helpful and, though they couldn't open the link i gave them, encouraged me to contact the Austrian National Library. There i would surely get what i was looking for.

Used to these kind of requests, the professional and cordial librarian was very diligent to give me a link to a database allowing me to identify the library that holds a copy to the book i search. They also advised me to contact an Italian University.

Well, i thought the University of Stuttgart (GERMANY) would do.

It did.

A charming librarian sent me a pdf of the page for free.

Here is, after being hidden for 60 years,